Best AC Brands in India | Best Air Conditioners Brands in India in 2023

India is a developing country with hot and humid tropical climate. Continues development of country resulted in increased demand of consumers in all sectors. With soaring temperatures every year and more disposable income in customer’s pocket, demand for AC in homes and offices is increasing considerably. 

This opportunity in AC market has attracted AC manufacturers from all over the world, bringing the best AC’s to India and creating a lot of choices for the buyers to choose from. 

Continuous increase in competition in air conditioning market has compelled all manufacturers to bring advanced technologies and features in their AC’s to attract more and more customers. Basically the most popular brands of AC in India are Carrier, Voltas, Blue Star, Daikin, LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Godrej, Panasonic etc.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the best AC Brands in India. 


Voltas is one of the earliest manufacturer of air conditioners in India. This brand belongs to TATA group of companies.  Being an Indian brand they exactly know the requirements of Indian customers, which makes them the leader in air conditioning market.  Voltas provides cooling solutions to world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa which shows the capability of company in providing cooling solutions. 

Features in Voltas Air Conditioners:-

Multi Adjustable Mode – In this mode AC delivers predefined lower and higher cooling setting depending on number of people in the room and weather conditions It runs on 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. It minimizes the power consumption by increasing and decreasing compressors running frequency as per requirements. 

Energy Saving – The DC inverter technology reduces power consumption to the minimum switching off the compressor and maintaining ideal temperature which gives you low electricity bill.

Environment Friendly – Use of R-32 refrigerant makes it an eco-friendly device, giving you a more sustainable and polluting free environment. 

High Ambient Cooling – Voltas Maha Adjustable inverter AC gives you instant cooling even at high temperatures of 52° C and keeps you comfortable inside.

Copper Condenser Coil– Copper coil is considered as the most durable electric coil, which gives the air conditioner high performance and longer life.


Blue Star is one of the oldest companies in the field of producing air conditioners as well as operating in India. With long history, past experience and modern research in production of air conditioners.  Blue Star is one of the pioneer companies producing air conditioners. Blue Star brings world class air conditioning solutions to India.

Features in Blue Star Air Conditioners Brand:-

Inbuilt Air Purifier – Blue Star air conditioners comes with inbuilt air purifier, it’s a dual stage fortified advanced filtration system.  This system not only cools but also purifies air in your room giving you a clean indoor environment. 

Precision Cooling Technology – It’s one of the advanced features from Blue Star. The precision cooling gives you cooling temperatures in difference of 0.5°C. An advanced Electronic Expansion Valve System controls the flow rate of refrigerant, which helps in energy savings even in extreme weather conditions. 

Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor – Blue Star’s sir conditioners comes with a Dual Rotor Compressor, it’s a high performance rotor compressor consisting two compression chambers.  This technology gives you a silent, reliable, and highly efficient performance over a wide range of speeds. Dual rotor gives us faster cooling, quiet operation and longer life of air conditioner. 


Brushless DC Motor – Brushless DC motor is an advanced motor control technology that operates on an electronic commutation arrangement, thereby resulting in extended reliability and reduced operating noise even at high rotational speeds. 


Carrier is the company that invented air conditioners in 1902, it’s an American company which has operations all over the world. This company is giving precise cooling solutions for over a span of 100 years and continued to re invent the industry with energy efficient products and manufacturing practices.

Features in Carrier Air Conditioners Brands

Flexi Cool Hybrid Jet Technology– HYBRID JET is a revolutionary cooling technology that uses a combination of air and refrigerant to cool. It’s a 4 in 1 inverter AC that has four operating options- for hot conditions (100%), Moderate Warm (75%) or Comfortable (50% of cooling capacity) which helps you to reduce energy consumption with maximum efficiency. 

Wi-Fi and Voice Control– For modern smart homes Carrier brings Smart Home AC’s that can be controlled with the Carrier app. It can also be controlled through voice control and managed through Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

Follow Me – Carrier AC’s comes with a smart follow me technology wherein a sensor is placed in remote.  When we activate this feature the sensor controls the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control. 

Sleep Mode – For maximum energy saving and 8 hour sleep, when we activate the sleep mode it will automatically increase the temperature by 1°C per hour for two hours and then maintain the same temperature for next six hours before switching off the AC automatically.


    LG is one of the popular brands in India it’s a South Korean company.  LG has a vast presence in Indian market with continues improving market share and product quality. 

    Features in LG AC Brand:-

    10 Year Warranty on Condenser and Compressor – LG offers 10 year warranty on the condenser and compressor which makes it a perfect choice for Indian customers who looks for long term durability of any product. 

    Dual Inverter System – This system is to eliminate improper cooling and reduce noise in AC, giving faster cooling without noise.

    Himalayan Cooling Technology – This technology cools your room 28 % faster with energy saving of around 26 %. There’s a monsoon comfort feature that controls air movement, humidity and temperature to provide excellent cooling. 

    Ocean Black Fin Technology – This technology offers unbeatable protection against dust, smoke and chemicals present in environment and offers protection against fin corrosion and UV resistance. 


    Hitachi Ltd is a Japanese company and is one of the biggest air conditioner manufacturer in Asia. Hitachi offers wide range of air conditioners with high performance and durability. It has suitable inverter technology for tropical weather of India. Hitachi has worldwide reputation for not compromising on the quality of the product under any circumstances. 


    Features in Hitachi AC Brand

    Step-less Compressor Control – Hitachi AC’s uses advanced micro controller that checks indoor and outdoor conditions and varies compressor speed to provide uninterrupted and fast cooling. 

    Copper Condenser Coil – Copper doesn’t accumulate rust and ensures better dissipation of heat. This helps in reducing maintenance costs and gives a long life.

    Wide Angle Deflector – This innovative design with an expandable wide angle Deflector ensures the maximum delivery of cold air to all parts of room. It also helps to remove bad odours from the evaporator and ensures better performance. 

    Use of R-410 A Refrigerant – This refrigerant is one of the most environment friendly refrigerant available today and makes this AC an environment friendly product. 

    Stabilizer Free Operation – Voltage fluctuations is a big problem in India looking to this Hitachi provides a complete protection from power fluctuations that ranges from 160V to 255V with more savings.


      Daikin Provides best in class air conditioning experience. Daikin air conditioners are loaded with amazing features, exceptional cooling & great energy saving of the key feature of Daikin is the excellent after sales services they provide with world class research & Japanese technology. Daikin is the world Market Leader in AC.

      Features of Daikin Brand

      Neo Swing Compressor Technology -This technology gives smooth rotation & it also minimizes friction and vibration. This makes it one of the most silent AC in Market. 

      Econo Mode – Econo Mode is power saving mode which limits the minimum power consumption. Econo Mode is useful when there is one or more electrical device and Air Conditioners are on a shared electrical circuit. This results in an excellent power savings.

      Power Chill Feature – Power chill feature ensures rapid drop in room temperature drop for immediate comfort especially during extreme heat conditions when rooms require quick cooling.

      Coanda Airflow – It circulates airflow into the corners of the room instead of falling on your head thus creating a comfortable ambience in your room.

      R-32 Refrigerant – R-32 is a green refrigerant that has Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and modified Global Warming Potential (GWP) also R-32 is a single component refrigerant, which makes it easy to recycle. Because of all this reasons R32 offers lowest emissions and best overall life cycle.


      Godrej is one of the oldest Indian company active in house appliances market. The most important feature of Godrej AC is energy efficiency. With a beautiful design and greener technologies Godrej is one of the top contender in the market of India.


      Features of Godrej AC Brand

      Goldfin Anti Corrosion Technology – Godrej Air Conditioners are designed to prevent rust and corrosion with use of GFAC Condenser which gives Heavy Duty Performance and long life with powerful cooling.

      Smart Diagnosis   – Smart Diagnosis features a smart Diagnosis Technology that can detect any malfunction or fault in AC and display an Error code on the Display Panel.

      Tri Filter Air Purification – Godrej AC comes with a tri filter air Purification system that consist anti-Bacterial Filter, Active carbon filter and Anti Dust Filter paired with a healthy, blow air feature to ensure clean and healthy air.

      Superfast Cooling – Godrej is giving you a Superfast Cooling Experience with its powerful compressor. Which also helps in lower power consumption, reduced noise and faster cooling.

      Green Invertor Technology – Green Invertor quickly adjust to the room temperature which gives maximum cooling with energy saving and great comfort.  


      Panasonic offers wide range of air conditioners depending upon your needs at reasonable price. Panasonic is a 100 Year old Japanese Brand. Panasonic is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturer and No. 1 AC brand in Japan.

      Features of Panasonic AC Brand

      iAuto X with P- Tech for comfortable Cooling-  iAuto X imparts Superfast Room Cooling by using Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-Tech), flops of the AC direct the Airflow for fast cooling-Tech enables both Compressor and the Fan to run at Maximum Speed to cool the room in Shortest Possible Time.

       Aerowings – Panasonic Air Conditioners comes with Aero wings design which consist of two flexible flaps which can spread or concentrate flow of Air as per the cooling requirements. When the Cooling of the room is achieve using iAutoX these Aerowing Flaps channelized cool air towards the ceiling for slower cooling.

      Twin Cool Inverter with Econavy- Panasonic AC comes with Twin Rotary Inverter compressor powered by Econavy technology. It has Number of sensors which can sense area of Room, Number of Peoples in the room, temperature and even human activity. After analysing all these Parameters it runs the inverter compressor at the lowest frequency to save electricity and optimums cooling in different conditions.

       Ecotough: Robust Outdoor Unit – The outdoor unit of Panasonic AC comes with corrosion free and highly durable Eco tough casing. It contains bluefin condenser which Provides Protection from Water, air, and other corrosive materials. Its outdoor Unit comes with 5 Year warranty and compressor with 10 Years Warranty.


      Samsung is a well-known brand in electronic appliances market across India. Samsung has a very wide dealer and after sales services network in India to provide efficient services to customers.  In spite being a late entrant in air conditioning market Samsung AC are making continues progress with their features and performance. 

      Features of Samsung AC Brand in India

      Wind Free Triangular Design – Samsung AC comes with a unique triangular design which has a wider inlet to draw more air inside. It also has larger V-blades and a bigger fan. This unique design helps the air cool faster, expel quicker reaching the farthest corners of room. 

      8 Pole Inverter and S-UTR Compressor with Power Boost Technology – Samsung AC’s comes with an advanced 8 pole inverter technology.  This technology gives the compressor power as per its demand, when it needs less power it gives less power and vice versa.  The compressor is always on draws power depending upon the temperature of incoming air the level set in thermostat. The 8 Pole inverter is more powerful and emits less noise ensuring quick cooling. 

      Durafin and Multijet Technology  – Multijet technology  decreases the size of heat exchanger outdoor unit. Multijet technology increases the performance of heat exchanger resulting in faster heat exchange which in turn cools the room faster. Durafin technology is a coating of chromium and zirconium used in heat exchanger, which makes it corrosion resistant even in highly corrosive environment. 

      Full HD Filter – The high density filter improves filtration by removing the smallest dirt particles and transforming polluted air into clean air. It has an anti-bacterial coating that ensures cleaner and fresher air for a long period of time.

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